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Payer Admin Overview

Wise-Pay provides the ability for Payers - your clients to have a Wise-Pay account.  This will enable each customer a secure management portal to manage their credit card and bank accounts, and invoices in a secure way.  For further information regarding Payers, adding Payers and the different aspect please refer to each section:
  • Branding
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Adding a Payer
  • Welcome Email
  • Credit Cards and Bank Accounts
  • Auto-Payment.
Manage users that you would like to pay invoices.  This will allow you to link a payers email address to view all outstanding invoices in your accounting company for a single company name.  They will be able to download the invoice to print as a pdf and also pay the invoice via your configured/preferred merchant.

1. Configuring Wise-Pay Branding

Wise-Pay provides the ability for you to configure your company's Branding.  This section is normally configured during your Wise-Pay Onboarding, however it is recommended to review the information before you start adding payers into Wise-Pay as these details are used in the Welcome to Wise-Pay email that payers receive.

Wise-Pay Branding allows you to configure:
  • Company Logo
  • Enquiries Contact Name
  • Enquiries Email Address
  • Enquiries Phone Number
  • FaceBook URL
  • Twitter URL
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Google+ URL
For further information please refer to
Wise-Pay Account Branding:

2. Terms & Conditions

You can configure the Terms & Disclaimers for each item to be very basic, simply getting your customers to click to confirm the Terms and Disclaimers they have already agreed to as part of their MSP or ACH/DD agreement or you can have your business' entire Terms and Disclaimers displayed again for your clients to achknowldge.

For further information please refer to
Configure: Terms & Disclaimers:  

3. Adding a Payer to Wise-Pay

By adding a Payer to Wise-Pay, you are enabling:
  • The customer to manage their Credit Card & Bank Accounts
  • Add 'All Auto Payment Terms'
  • Pay an invoice
  • Schedule payment of an invoice
Please Note: Adding a new Payer into Wise-Pay will automatically send the Payer a welcome email.

When you first receive confirmation from IntegraPay that your account has been created, they will send you a welcome pack, enclosed in this welcome pack is Direct Debit Authority.  It is strongly recommended to get your clients to sign these copies of agreements as back up and part of your documentation process.  


a. Send an email (as per the above examples) to your customers
Some examples of emails can be found here:
Invitation to New Clients - not current on DDR:
Invitation to New Clients - already on DDR with previous provider:  
b. Get the Payer to complete Direct Debit Authority Form
c. Add Payers to Wise-Pay

For further information please refer to
Creating and Managing Wise-Payers:

4. Welcome Email

Once you have added a Payer to Wise-Pay, Wise-Pay will automatically email your customer an invitation to set their user password, and provide further information such as name and contact information configured at Branding.

Please note: The Terms & Privacy on the bottom of the email are Wise-Pay Terms & Privacy as the Payer is agreeing to become a Wise-Payer, so they need to be aware of our Terms and Privacy.

For further information please refer to the following:
Creating Wise-Pay Branding:

5. Credit Card / Bank Account Details

Wise-Pay enables Payers to update their credit card and bank account details, alternatively, you can update their details.

For further information please refer to the following:
Credit Cards & Bank Accounts:

6. Auto Payment

Auto-Payment scheduling provides the flexibility of automating and debiting the saved client's bank account or credit card for an invoice amount that varies each month.  This functionality is perfect for MSA invoices which can often change based on the number of users, devices or elements managed under the agreement.

For further information please refer to the following resources:

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