FAQ - How do I temporarily disable Automatic Payments for a payer?

Update the payer's Billing Term in ConnectWise

Where Automatic Payments is enabled, Wise-Pay will attempt to queue invoices for Automatic Payment by matching the billing term on each invoice with a Wise-Pay Automatic Billing Term. If it finds a match and your payer is setup for Automatic Payments, the invoice will be queued and scheduled as determined by the billing term.

To temporarily disable a payer's invoices from being queued automatically, you need to update the payer's Company in ConnectWise to use a billing term that is not Wise-Pay enabled. That is, instead of using a Wise-Pay Billing Term (e.g. Wise-Pay (15 Days)), set the customer's billing term to a Non Wise-Pay Billing Term (e.g. Net 15 days).

How do I do this?

  1. Locate your payer's Company in ConnectWise.
  2. Click on the Finance Icon - This will take you into the Finance Screen.
  3. Change the Billing Term to a Non Wise-Pay Billing Term
  4. Click Save & Close

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