Autotask Invoice Preferences allow invoices to be emailed to multiple recipients, including Account Contacts and ad-hoc email addresses. In some cases, there maybe no recipients at all. This flexibility raised the requirement to standardise how Wise-Sync handles what is set in your Accounting Package.

Wise-Sync will perform a check in Autotask for recipients of invoices being synced to see if they are configured as a contact for the account the invoice has been generated for. It will then set those recipients as contacts for the company in the Accounting Package. Wise-Sync will ignore recipients that are not configured as Account Contacts in Autotask.

Autotask Account Contacts that are the Primary Contact will always be preserved in the Accounting Package. That is, if an invoice has not been sent to the Primary Contact, the Primary Contact will not be overwritten in the Accounting Package. Subsequent recipients found to be Autotask Account Contacts are set in the Accounting Package in the order they are received from Autotask.

How do I control how Wise-Sync handles contacts?

Configure your Wise-Sync Company Invoice Option, Contact Email Handling.

How do I get there?

Read up on how to navigate to this setting Setup Wise-Sync Company.

What next?

In the Invoice Options tab, locate and configure the Contact Email Handling setting. Read up on each option at Setup Wise-Sync Company.

What else do I need to consider?


If you're using Xero, be aware that there is a limit of 5 contacts per company. If the Primary Contact for the Autotask Account exists as a recipient of the invoice, it will be added as a contact regardless of any other contact that has received the email. Wise-Sync will pick the first 5 recipients it finds as contacts.

Quickbooks Online

Quickbooks Online company contacts have an email address limit of 100 characters. This is a little flaky, in that sometimes, the email addresses will sync and other times, it won't. Unfortunately we don't have much control over this.