1. Setup Wise-Sync Account

Once you subscribe to Wise-Sync, you are provisioned with a Wise-Sync Account. 

Your Wise-Sync Account allows you to view and manage your Subscription, view your Sync Statistics and control the mode for Two Factor Authentication.

Account Administrators (i.e. users with the role account-admin) are able to manage Wise-Sync accounts. 

For more information about User Roles, read up on Wise-Sync Users

Account Options    

Two Factor Authentication Mode. For more information, read up on Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

Autotask Site URL - Wise-Sync Consultant will configure this during onboarding.

Billing Contact

This is where details of your billing contact are stored, since Subscription.

Click edit to modify the billing contact.


This is the plan you are subscribed to.

Change Plan or add more transactions to your subscription.

Payment / Card

Update your Credit Card details should they change.

Cancel your subscription

Billing History

View your billing history, including Paid Invoices and Credits.
Sync StatisticsView the amount of transactions you have synced from Autotask to your Accounting Platform.

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