Wise-Sync: Version 4.6.6 Release Notes

Release Date - 13 August, 2019


This release resolves an issue with ConnectWise Quicklinks. Read more about it Known Issue: ConnectWise Quicklinks are not working

We squished a couple more bugs:

  • There was an Error updating record batch with the Expense sync.
  • The was a unfriendly error message when a user didn’t that the correct ConnectWise security permissions to sync.

Release Date - 8 August, 2019

General Release v4.6.6

Support for ConnectWise Manage v2019.5

Firstly, this release introduces support for ConnectWise Manage v2019.5.

ConnectWise Manage REST API Updates moving to Beta testing phase

You may have noticed a bit of hype over the last few months (here's where it all started. Some of you may also be familiar with this article) around migrating our API interactions to ConnectWise Manage from their SOAP API (which is being phased out) to their REST API. The last few releases saw the support that we're currently providing for customers on ConnectWise Manage 2019.3 onwards being enough to make the integration work.

The purpose of the updates we're working on now is to pimp out our interactions and make make them work more efficiently for you.

We're nearly done completing rigorous testing of the updates we've done to fully support interactions to the ConnectWise Manage REST API internally. So, what does this mean for you and how does it relate to what we're releasing you ask? Read on...

Beta Program

Over the next few weeks, we'll be targeting specific customers that are on ConnectWise Manage v2019.4 or later with an invitation to join a beta program that will help us test the updates we have been working on for the past few months. For those that are invited, more information on exactly what's needed from you will be provided in your invitation.

Participating in the Beta Program: ConnectWise Manage Version Update

If you agree to participate in the beta program, we'll update the ConnectWise Manage version your Account Settings to switch you over to the complete REST API interactions.

Why are the versions duplicated? Which one do I choose?

In this release Account Admins will notice that we've introduced duplicate options for a ConnectWise Manage Version in your Wise-Sync Account Settings.

In the screenshot above, v2019.4 REST will switch you over to our complete REST API integration. 20xx.x REST is strictly for customers in the beta program.

Wise-Sync will operate as normal with v2019.4 selected.

What if I don't want to participate in the beta program?

That's cool. Just make sure that the ConnectWise Manage Version is set to the version of ConnectWise Manage you're using WITHOUT the word REST. Wise-Sync will operate as normal.

ConnectWise: Is Primary API account

The Primary API User concept has been introduced to minimise security permission errors experienced when configuring Wise-Sync for ConnectWise customers, specifically interacting with its REST API. As part of the REST API migration we are asking all partners to nominate and set one user as the Primary API Account.

Note: Each account can only have one Primary API Account set.

For more information about how to set your company's Primary API Account, please read FAQ - What is a Primary API Account?

Quickbooks Automated Sales Tax - Multiple Business Location support

QBO has introduced Multiple Business Location support as part of the Automated Sales Tax functionality where you can calculated business tax even in a different location. Read more about this - Set up and use automated sales tax (if the article doesn't load, view it in incognito mode - there's an issue with the rendering of the QBO support portal which makes it difficult to read and navigate).

We identified that this is a problem that when syncing invoices to Quickbooks Online, where the tax applied by QBO's Automated Sales Tax was incorrect because the location the item was sold from wasn't being represented in the QBO invoice. Customers using QBO AST can influence the sales tax that is calculated in QBO by providing greater control over how Wise-Sync handles shipping address coming from ConnectWise Manage, via Wise-Sync company settings' Invoice Options.

If you are collecting sales tax from multiple tax agencies, we encourage that you enable this feature.

Whilst this is a ConnectWise Manage only feature, the Datto Autotask PSA sync will benefit from this in a future release.

Sync Shipping From

Wise-Sync will take the address of the location/territory of the invoice and set this as the Shipping From address. If the ConnectWise Manage location/territory does not have an address configured, the QBO invoice Shipping From address will be populated with the primary address configured in your QBO Company.

Sync Shipping To

If the invoice in ConnectWise Manage contains an address to ship to, that address sync over as the Shipping To address in QBO. Otherwise, Shipping To in QBO will be blank.

In-App Notifications for Datto Autotask PSA Customers

We're displaying in-app notifications in the Wise-Sync for Datto Autotask PSA sync screen, so that you don't miss out on important updates!

Other Updates

  • In the ConnectWise Manage sync, a Xero Validation Error: Inventory Item with 'Code' provided is already in use. occurred when service items contained an & in the item code.
  • In some cases, supplier invoices were being synced to Quickbooks Online with a vendor address that was missing a State.
  • Invoices were being synced to Xero, but were versioned (xxx.1) if an accounts payable invoice existed (but voided) with the same number.
  • Expenses could not be obtained from ConnectWise Manage in some instances because the through date entered was not converted correctly.
  • In some cases, there was an Object reference not set to an instance of an object error occurring syncing Expenses.
  • Subsequent syncs of an invoice that was deleted from Quickbooks Online created duplicate Outstanding Payment entries of the same invoice in Wise-Pay.
  • System Material Billing Codes (Block Purchase, Retainer Purchase and Ticket Purchase) from Datto Autotask PSA were missing for selection when adding a Billing Code Account Mapping in Edit Company > Account Mappings.
  • Wise-Sync 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) would magically turn off for some users.

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