Sync Now

The Sync Now screen is where all the syncing occurs. Watch your invoices sync to your accounting package and have them scheduled for Automatic Payment, if configured.

How do I get there?

To Sync, click Sync > Sync Now from the top Menu.

What do I do?

By default, Wise-Sync will load invoices that have not been sync'd from Autotask. The page is broken down into three parts - Connections, Sync Action and the Invoice List.


View the status of your connections to both Autotask and your Accounting Package. Connections by default is collapsed, should connections to both Autotask and Accounting Package are active. The status of your connections are visible regardless of whether Connections is collapsed or expanded.

Expand Connections to view more details about each connection and allows connections to be tested and/or reconnected.

Sync Action

Invoices can be processed via one of three Sync Actions.

Sync Action

Post Invoice Records to Accounting Platform

Update Web Service Date in Autotask. Do not post to Accounting Package

Update Date Paid from Accounting Package

What do I need to do?


Select Thru Date

Select Thru Date

Select Thru Date


Click Refresh Autotask Invoices

Click Refresh Autotask Invoices

Click Refresh Autotask Invoices


Select Invoices in the Invoice List to process

Select Invoices in the Invoice List to process

Nothing to do at this step. All fully paid invoices will be updated


Click Start Sync

Click Start Sync

Click Start Sync

What does the Sync Action do for each record?
In Autotask

Sets the Web Service Date.

Sets the Web Service Date.

Sets the Fully Paid Date.
In Wise-Sync

Creates Invoice / Automatic Payment Batch.

Creates Do Not Post Batch in Wise-Sync.
Creates a Payment Batch.
In the Accounting Package
Creates Invoice.
Not applicable.
Not applicable.
In Wise-Pay (if configured)
Check Billing Terms and Payers.

If there's a match, schedule the Invoice for Automatic Payment.
Not applicable.
Invoice no longer Outstanding.
Use the progress indicator to see how the sync is progressing.

View total results to see how many were invoices were processed in the sync and if they were successful or resulted in a warning or an error.

View the Invoice List to see the result of each invoice.
New Sync - reset the screen to start a new sync

Invoice List

Before Sync

Wise-Sync will list invoices, up to the Thru Date (Sync Action), that have not been sync'd to your Accounting Package. This is determined by a blank Web Service Date.

During and after Sync

Depending on the Sync Action taking place, the Sync Results and Wise-Pay column will be updated.

Expand / Collapse each line, displaying the full sync result. On Sync completion, any records that result in an error will be expanded and error displayed.

Sync Results    

Traffic Light Status

Red (error), Yellow (warning), Green (success).

Traffic Light Status of Automatic Payment Queueing

Red (error), Yellow (warning), Green (success)
  • Queued - The invoice has been successfully queued for Automatic Payment
  • Disabled - Wise-Pay / Automatic Payments has not been configured
  • No Terms - Either the invoice has no billing terms (if Wise-Pay is not configured) or Wise-Pay does not have a billing term to match the payer in Wise-Pay.
  • No Payer - No payer is configured in Wise-Pay

View Invoice In Accounting Package

Opens a new browser tab and displays the invoice in the Accounting Package.
Payment Method Icons
Credit Card / Bank Account.

View Autotask Invoice (XML)

View the XML from Autotask for troubleshooting.

Delete the Batch

Delete the batch if the invoice needs to be synced again.

The Web Service Date will be deleted in Autotask and the Batch deleted in Wise-Sync.

The invoice in the Accounting Package is not deleted, but will be updated on re-sync

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